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The World of Cinema - A Tour For Creators, Ozu Fans, and Film Enthusiasts

Tateshina, located in the highlands of Chino, Nagano, was loved by world-renowned film director Ozu Yasujiro. Inspired by the nature, humanity, and delicious sake of the area, Ozu moved his workplace and completed screenplays for several films here until his death. Actors who wished to appear in Ozu's films would often visit him in Tateshina.

Besides Ozu, the greater Suwa region, which includes Tateshina, is known for having served as a filming location for popular films such as Monster, Your Name, Godzilla, Thermae Romae, and The Eternal Zero.

On this tour, easily accessible in just two hours from Tokyo, experience the places special to Ozu, and discover various filming locations across the Suwa region.

Duration 3 days, 2 nights
Period Until February 2024
Day 1
Special commentary by Yamauchi san of Unkoso

Learn about Ozu and Noda, who wrote screenplays together.
・About Noda Kogo
・Noda and Ozu's relationship
・Stories of their time together

Ozu's walking trail
Ozu's walking trail, the cherry blossom tree, and other places associated with him

Explore the paths taken by Ozu, who often went for walks alone or with his friends.

Seasonal toji soba

Try toji soba, a unique way to enjoy warm soba in the cold winter months.

Stories from the firekeeper

Gather around the sunken hearth and hear stories about Ozu's life at Mugeiso.

Ozu Bar

Enjoy dinner and drinks inspired by the dining scene of Ozu, who often entertained guests from Tokyo over drinks.

Gather around the sunken hearth with special guests

If available, relatives or former colleagues of Ozu may be invited to speak about their time with him.

Accommodation Suggestions
Tateshina Shinyu Onsen

This onsen ryokan often hosted Ozu Yasujiro among other notable guests. Shinyu Onsen has created 10 unique rooms based on 10 writers with deep ties to Tateshina, and here, you can stay in a special room inspired by Ozu.

Tateshina Grand Hotel Takinoyu

A highland resort hotel where you can enjoy hot spring baths and a breakfast buffet with 70 types of Japanese, Chinese, and western seasonal cuisine.


For outdoor enthusiasts. Beautiful views of the snow-covered Yatsugatake Mountains, delicious local foods, refreshing hot springs, and relaxing campfires under the stars.

Day 2
Lake Tateshina
Morning walk around Lake Tateshina

Winter mornings are extremely cold, but when the air is clear and the weather is sunny, the sky turns "Yatsugatake blue." Morning walks are invigorating in the crisp air and warm sun. If it gets too cold, you can always warm up in the local hot springs.

A one-day special private rental

Work on creative projects, or simply relax around the fire of the sunken hearth.

Day 3
Visit filming locations in the Suwa region
Immerse yourself in the world of cinema

For movie fans, a visit to a filming location is an irresistible experience. The best part of visiting is not only seeing the area and soaking in the afterglow of the work, but also experiencing the history of the area and the thoughts of the people who live there.
The film commission can also provide film directors and creators with information on potential filming locations and opportunities in the Suwa region.

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