For 10,000 years
one with the Mountains

What is Yamaura?

A culture in tune with
the land and its seasons,
a wisdom that embraces
even the coldest winter

What is Yamaura?

Explore the breath-taking
natural beauty of the region.
Hike in silent mossy forests immersed in a sacred atmosphere,
Trek to the summits of the Yatsugatake and
enjoy the spectacular view of Mt. Fuji and the three ranges of the Japanese Alps,
Cycle along the foothills of the mountains
through lovely rural villages and terraced rice fields.

What is Yamaura?

Delve into the awe-inspiring and
characteristic local culture.
Cook with the village grannies and prepare unique dishes such
as rustic mochi with perilla sauce or elegant colorful agar cakes,
Spend a day with a famer helping with the harvest,
preparing preserves and eating delicious fresh vegetables,
Visit a producer’s or artisan’s workshop,
observe up-close the technique of a smith and make your own Japanese knife.

What is Yamaura?


  • 2022.02.03

    Fujimori Terunobu Tea House Tour - June 2022 Reservation Information

  • 2021.03.26

    Six more signature experiences by Chino Tabi have been selected by Japan’s official travel website

  • 2020.11.05

    Chino Tabi has been awarded the "Shoku Kakeru Prize" -"Food X ... Prize"- in the "Shoku Kakeru Prize 2020" contest by the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan!

  • 2020.09.04

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Our Adventures

  • Manufacture and CraftsFoodFarming and Everyday lifeFarming and Everyday life

    Miso Making Experience

    Price: JPY 7,700/person Duration: 4 hr
  • History and CultureFarming and Everyday life

    Japanese drum performance at an Edo Period rural stage

    Price: JPY 72,600/group Duration: 4 hr
  • FoodFarming and Everyday life

    Rural Village Half-day Walking Tour in Nagano

    Price: JPY 7,975/person Duration: 3.5 hr
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Model Itineraries

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    Active and comfortable winter vacation in Chino

    Schedule: 5 days (4 nights)
  • History and CultureFood

    Journey into the frosty food tradition of the Yamaura

    Schedule: 2 days 1 night
  • History and CultureFoodFarming and Everyday lifeFamiliesCouples

    Authentic Rural Japan Experience [Yamaura Stay- Kiyomizu & Hanato] 3 days 2 nights

    Schedule: 2 nights 3 days
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