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Cook with the village grannies (teatime version)

Price: JPY 4,400/person Duration: 1.5 hr


Explore rural Japan, and delve into the local cuisine

When you visit someone's house in the countryside, you will most certainly be welcomed with tea and some snacks. These teatime treats are different in every area and tell you a lot about the local food culture. Sweet or savory, they are made with local seasonal ingredients and are deeply rooted in history and traditions.

Follow us to a small rural village on the foothills of the Yatsugatake Mountains to find out what sort of delicacies are served together with tea in the Yamaura area. A cute local grannie will welcome you to her house and introduce the local gastronomy.

Every season is characterized by traditional farming tasks, such as preparing drying persimmons or pickled vegetables in autumn or making miso paste in winter. Our grannie will guide you through one of these fun activities so that you experience the season. Depending on what you make, you may be able to bring it back home as a souvenir (ex. hand-made miso paste, pickles, etc.)

After getting a taste of country life, it is time to start cooking. You will use genuine locally-grown ingredients and prepare a typical seasonal delicacy to go with your tea.
Perhaps you will cut summer vegetables into slices to decorate a colorful agar cake, or maybe you will mash some steaming rice to make rustic mochi to go with an edamame or perilla paste. There are plenty of unique and tasty recipes to choose from. Once everything is ready, sit at the table with the grannie and enjoy the fruit of your work while sipping some tea.

*An English-speaking guide will be with you all the time, so you can ask the locals any question that comes to your mind.

Meet our grannies

Sasahara is a tiny village at 1100m in the Yamaura, the rural area right under the Mountains’ shadow. For centuries the locals have led a life in harmony with the mountains, enjoying nature’s blessings whenever possible and using their ancestors’ wisdom to turn nature’s challenges into opportunities when necessary.

Local grannies are the ones whose role is to protect this wisdom and pass it on to the next generation. Some of them were born and bred in the village, and others came here after getting married to a local, others yet moved in later in life, but they all have something in common: their love for the region and their determination to protect the unique gastronomy of the area.

Sasahara Village grannies


Period All year (10:00-11:30 or 14:00-15:30)
Due Date 10 days prior the date of the activity
Duration 1.5 hr


Our grannies will explain about the local culture and how it influences the food.
They will also introduce today's snack and ingredients.


Seasonal farming experience - Let's prepare our own ingredients!
(Ex. March: miso making, Jul~Aug: summer vegetable picking, etc.)


Cooking time (1~2 snacks)


Time to enjoy our tea break with the grannies


Activity ends

No. of participants Min. 2 persons / Max. 13 persons
Price / person Adult (ages 13+):
With 2 participants: JPY 4,400/person
With 3 participants: JPY 3,850/person
With 4 participants: JPY 3,575/person
With 5 participants: JPY 3,410/person

Child (ages 4-12): JPY 1,375/person

Child (ages 0-3): Free

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

(All prices tax incl.)
Included in the price Activity, ingredients, English-speaking guide, insurance
Payment method Credit card
Cancellation policy 7 days prior: 30% of total amount
3 days prior: 50% of total amount
1 day prior: 70% of total amount
Day of activity: 100% of total amount
Access 20 min by car from JR Chino Station
*Vegetarian and vegan options available. If you have any allergies or other dietary restrictions, please inform the staff at the moment of reservation.