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Experience the World of Ozu Yasujiro: Chino Overnight Stay

Price: JPY 110,000 yen/person Duration: 2 days, 1 night


A day in the life of Ozu Yasujiro

December 12, 2023 marks the 120th Anniversary of Ozu Yasujiro’s birth.
To celebrate this occasion, we have planned a special trip to Tateshina, Chino, a place that Ozu loved dearly.

Ozu's connection to Tateshina began when he visited Unkoso, the mountain retreat of his partner screenwriter Noda Kogo. From that day, he fell in love with Tateshina's nature, humanity, and delicious sake, and moved his workplace from Chigasaki-kan to Mugeiso in Tateshina. At Mugeiso, he would complete scenarios for six films from Tokyo Twilight until his death.

Ozu enjoyed life in Tateshina, loved the local sake, and entertained his visitors here, sometimes taking them for walks around the neighborhood. He also built relationships with the local people, and records show him giving wedding gifts, attending elementary school sports festivals, and inviting locals to his studio. Tateshina was the birthplace of many of Ozu's masterpieces, and it served as the rural retreat where he could refresh his heart and mind.

This two-day and one-night tour will take you to Mugeiso and Shin-Unkoso, where you can immerse yourself in the lives of Ozu and Noda in Tateshina as it was back in the day. At Mugeiso you'll almost hear Ozu chatting with guests around the sunken hearth where they drank together. We will guide you through special guest talks, nostalgic meals and sake, relaxing onsen hot springs, Ozu's walking trail, and more. Come experience for yourself the pure water, delicious sake, and crisp air of Tateshina that Ozu loved so much.

Tour highlights:
1. Meet special guests with connections to Ozu's work, including members of the Ozu family.
2. For dinner, we will recreate Ozu's favorite sukiyaki and other snacks that pair well with alcohol.
3. In the evening, enjoy local sake during the "OZU Bar" time around the sunken hearth at Mugeiso.
4. See the life of Ozu and his friends through videos and photos from back in the day.
5. Hear excerpts from the diary of Noda Kogo, who was present through the end of Ozu's life, read by Noda's granddaughter.


Period 2023: Dec 4 (Mon), Dec 21 (Thu)
2024: Jan 18 (Thu), Jan 29 (Mon), Feb 5 (Mon), Feb 8 (Thu)
Due Date 10 days before the tour
Duration 2 days, 1 night

\ Day 1 /


Meet at JR Chino Station - East Exit
Take a jumbo taxi to Tateshina


Arrive at Mugeiso
Guided tour of Mugeiso


Gather around the sunken hearth and hear stories about Ozu and his friends


Speak with special guests (relatives and/or former colleagues of Ozu)


- Dinner -
Meal inspired by foods that Ozu enjoyed


OZU Bar time

Take a shuttle bus from Mugeiso to the hotel

\ Day 2 /


Take the hotel shuttle bus to Mugeiso


Arrive at Mugeiso
Go to Shin-Unkoso


Arrive at Shin-Unkoso
・About Noda Kogo
・Noda and Ozu's relationship
・Stories of their time together


Ozu's walking trail, the lone cherry tree, and other places associated with him
(Depending on the weather, this section may be held at Shin-Unkoso)


- Lunch -
Lunch at Mokubo, a soba restaurant frequented by Ozu's friend
Special commentary by the owner
Free time


Take a jumbo taxi to JR Chino Station


Arrive at JR Chino Station
(End of tour)

No. of participants Min. 2 persons / Max. 6 persons
Price / person JPY 110,000 (tax incl.) /person
Included in the price ・Accommodation fee
・Meals (dinner and drinks on day 1; breakfast, lunch, and snack on day 2)
・Jumbo taxi fee
・Mugeiso guide fee
・Shin-Unkoso guide fee

Application Information (Notes on Participation)

■This is an individual plan.
・No tour guide or local staff will accompany the tour. You will be provided with a final itinerary for the trip, and you are responsible for your own travel procedures during the trip.
・The itinerary will be provided to you and you will be responsible for your own travel arrangements during the trip.
・Any services or coupons that are not used during the trip are non-refundable.
・Meal conditions indicate meals included in the trip price.
・Please inform us of any food allergies at the time of application. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but may not be able to accommodate all allergies.
・The photos are for illustrative purposes only. Please note that the contents and dishes in the photos are subject to change depending on the season, availability, and other factors.
・Information on admission facilities is subject to change without notice, including operating hours, dining locations/contents/hours, bathing locations/times, etc., and service provision may be discontinued.
・Please note that the tour content listed on the homepage above may not be available due to weather and other conditions.

■Travel Conditions
Please be sure to review the travel conditions (Japanese) before applying.
*Travel conditions and prices: These travel conditions are based on April 1, 2022. In addition, travel prices are calculated based on fares and regulations in effect as of April 1, 2022.
Payment method Credit card
Cancellation policy 20 days prior: 20% of total amount
7 days prior: 30% of total amount
1 day prior: 40% of total amount
Day of activity: 50% of total amount
No-show: 100% of total amount
Access Meeting point: JR Chino Station East Exit