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Explore an Edo period post town in the mountains of Nagano

Historic Post Town Walking Tour

Price: JPY 4,400/person Duration: 2 hr


Step back in time and experience old Japan

Kanazawa used to be a post town along the Koshu Kaido, a road that connected the Shinano and Kai province (current Nagano and Yamanashi prefecture) to Edo (modern-day Tokyo).

Although the mountainous terrain always made it difficult to live off agriculture alone, Kanazawa's people thrived throughout the ages with the gold from the mountains first, business in the post town, and on silkworm rearing later.

On this tour we will visit Oike, a small village in Kanazawa, Chino. A local grandpa will lead the way through the hilly streets lined with gurgling streams, sharing stories of the history, culture, and lives of the locals, and how they are informed by the unique topograhy and geography of the region.

Highlighting the treasures of rural life

Toshi is a stylish grandpa with a great sense of humor.

In high school, he made his stage debut; in his 20's, he worked closely with many foreigners; and in his 30's, he worked in a female-dominated workplace. Toshi's personality is undoubtedly rooted in his experiences with various cultures, perspectives, and ways of thinking.

He first got involved in community work with a desire to give back to his hometown, but found it difficult to do so within the existing framework. With a group of volunteers, he established a community development association and continues this work with the help of good friends.

Although Toshi has an impressive career, he is humble and kind. He explains about unfamiliar places in an easy-to-understand manner, sometimes with humor, so that visitors can get a feel for local life. His tour features a colorful handmade map, which makes for a special souvenir.

Toshio "Toshi" Ito

Walking Tour Guide


Period All year
Due Date 7 days before the tour
Duration 2 hr
No. of participants Min. 2 persons / Max. 10 persons
*It may be possible to organize the tour for bigger groups. Please consult our team.
Price / person Adult (ages 12+):
With 2 participants: JPY 4,400/person
With 3 participants: JPY 3,667/person
With 4 participants: JPY 3,300/person
With 5 participants: JPY 3,080/person

Child (ages 0-11):

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

(All prices tax incl.)
Included in the price English-speaking guide, insurance
Payment method Credit card
Cancellation policy 7 days prior: 30% of total amount
3 days prior: 50% of total amount
1 day prior: 70% of total amount
Day of activity: 100% of total amount
Access 10 min by car from JR Chino Station