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Let's build a fire and make miso!

Miso Making Experience

Price: JPY 7,000 Duration: 4h


A full day dedicated to one of Japan’s most popular fermented foods

Miso soup is a classic when it comes to Japanese cuisine. Soul food for anyone living in the archipelago, the flavorful dish is equally loved by foreigners visiting the country.
Despite its growing popularity, though, the main ingredient (miso paste) is still largely unfamiliar to many.

What better way to delve into the world of this historical ingredient than try making it with your own hands?
The host of this experience is Ariura-san, a powerful lady who runs a small restaurant inside a 150-year-old farmhouse. Her cuisine is a nod to local tradition and focuses on fermented food such as miso, soy sauce, and sake. She makes a point to make her ingredients at home by hand, which includes miso.
So, join Ariura-san at her establishment, make your own miso from scratch, and enjoy a hearty lunch made with top seasonal delicacies from the region.

First, you will build a fire in the yard, where you will slowly cook the soybeans.
Certain things cannot be rushed, and simmering beans are one of those. While you wait, you can enjoy a finger-licking refreshment put together by the host featuring steaming tea and typical snacks such as oyaki buns, cookies, and tsukemono pickles.
Once the beans are fully cooked, it’s time for lunch.
It takes about one year of fermentation before miso is ready. That’s quite a long wait, so as a preview of what awaits you at the end, Ariura-san will include soup made with last year’s miso.
Finally, you will mash the beans into a creamy paste, add salt and koji rice, and mix thoroughly with your hands.

You can take the miso home (about 500gr), a souvenir in the making for the following year.
Ariura-san uses homemade koji rice, homegrown organic soybeans, and high-quality salt, so the results are guaranteed.

*With an additional fee, you can increase the quantity of miso to 1.5 kg.

When it comes to food, I don't settle for anything less than the best

Ariura-san’s kitchen is a treasure trove of traditional gourmet treats.
Her cupboard is lined up with assorted jars filled with any vegetables soaking in colorful liquids; her drawers are stacked with any imaginable cooking utensils. It’s like a research lab for delicious meals that are also good for the body.
She only selects the highest quality products and commits to process them by herself whenever she can. After all, her main objective is to achieve good health through good food.


Owner of Kamosuya


Period All year
Due Date 7 days before the activity
Duration 4h


Meet at Kamosuya
Activity starts
Ariura-san will explain how to make miso and introduce today's menu and ingredients.


Miso making time
Let's build a fire and put on the soybeans!


Kamosuya special menu
*Vegetarian option available upon request


Miso making time
Smash the soybeans and mix with koji rice and salt.


Activity ends

No. of participants Min. 2 persons Max. 8 persons
Price / person JPY 7,000 (tax excl.)/ person
JPY 5,500 (tax excl.) / person- when there are 3 participants or more, and they share the miso (500gr) (This price only applies from the third person on)
Included in the price Activity, Miso ingredients, Storage container, Welcome service by English-speaking staff (30min), Kamosuya special lunch and snack, Insurance
Payment method Credit Card
Cancellation policy from 7 days prior to activity day : 30%
from 3 days prior to activity day : 50%
1 day before the activity day : 70%
the activity day : 100%