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Let's play with soba

Soba Flour Workshop

Price: JPY 6,710/person Duration: 2 hr


Discover the world of soba beyond noodles

When you hear the word "soba," you likely associate it with noodles. After all, soba noodles are one of the most representative foods of Japanese tradition.
The buckwheat flour known as soba, though, has many more uses than noodles alone.
Local farmers often used buckwheat to make soba gaki, a dumpling-like dish obtained by adding water to the flour and quickly stirring over low heat. Soba gaki was preferred to noodles in many households, as the rough hand-milled flour was hard to work with.
As it happens, this traditional dish is also the best to fully appreciate the aroma and flavor of the soba flour, which is why in this workshop, we have a soba gaki tasting.

The taste of soba noodles greatly depends on the type of flour (or blend) used for the dough.
In this activity, a local cook specialized in soba will share all his knowledge, starting from how a buckwheat grain is structured to how the various types of flours can be blended. After learning a bit about our main ingredient, you will be able to taste three types of soba gaki. Once you have experienced the variations of texture and fragrance, you are ready to experiment. Mix your favorite flours to make your personal blend, then use it to prepare a tasty snack.

After this workshop, eating soba will be much more fun.

Incorporating innovative elements into traditional recipes is my way of carrying on the family tradition

The soba noodles served at Katsuyama Soba are thick and dark-colored, a rustic version of the dish that has its roots in the handmade soba local farmers used to make at home. Miyasaka-san inherited the technique to make this "countryside" soba from his father, who first started Katsuyama Soba restaurant 50 years ago.
Creative at heart, Miyasaka-san at first refused to succeed to his father as chef but soon discovered that keeping his family soba tradition alive by experimenting with new techniques and original arrangements was exactly what he was meant to do.
If you stop by Katsuyama Soba for lunch, you definitely should order Miyasaka-san's fantastic side dishes together with the restaurant's traditional countryside soba noodles.

Shinichi Miyasaka

Owner and Chef of the restaurant Katsuyama Soba


Period All year (except for 7/20-8/31)
Due Date 7 days before the tour
Duration 2 hr


Activity starts
Introduction to the history and culture of soba in the region.


Soba gaki tasting
Let's try three soba gaki, a kind of soba dumpling, made with different types of soba flour.


Blending experience
Mix the soba flours to create your own blend and use it to make a tasty soba snack.


Activity ends

No. of participants Min. 2 persons / Max. 4 persons
Price / person Adult (ages 12+):
With 2 participants: JPY 6,710/person
With 3 participants: JPY 5,977/person
With 4 participants: JPY 5,610/person

Child (ages 4-11): JPY 2,255/person
Child (ages 0-3): Free

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

(All prices tax incl.)
Included in the price Activity, Tasting, Insurance, English-speaking guide
Payment method Credit card
Cancellation policy 7 days prior: 30% of total amount
3 days prior: 50% of total amount
1 day prior: 70% of total amount
Day of activity: 100% of total amount
Access 10 min on foot from JR Aoyagi Station or 15 min by car from JR Chino Station