The ultimate Soba experience

Distilled in one plate of noodles an unwavering commitment to quality

Meet a soba master who impersonates the phrase "from field to table". In order to achieve top quality with his soba, he has mastered the whole production process from farming to cooking. Who better to introduce you to soba tradition in Nagano? After learning everything there is to know about soba from the master himself, you will experience first-hand how to make noodles. The master will guide you step by step, showing you all the secrets to perfect soba. The activity will close with a tasting to compare your noodles to the ones made by the master. *With an extra 1,500 yen you can upgrade to a rich soba-based lunch.

Soba, the Japanese equivalent of 'buckwheat', has a long-standing tradition in Nagano. Rice farming has always proven hard in this mountainous region and easy to grow buckwheat represented an invaluable source of nutrition in the past.

〜 Why choose this activity 〜

First, for the master's intimate knowledge of soba. If you're looking for more than just a kneading session, you'll enjoy the chance to discover more on this typical food from such an expert. Second, for the food itself. Everything on the table is home-grown and home-made, prepared with the utmost care.

PeriodAll year 
3 days prior to the day of the activity
Duration3h (14:00~17:00)
CapacityMax. 8 people Min. 2 people
Price- Details6,500 yen (+tax)/person
6,000 yen (+tax)/ person (with 3+ participants)
5,500 yen (+tax)/ person (with 6+ participants)
Prices vary for children under 13
Upgrade to lunch with an extra 1,500 yen/ person
- Included in the price:Activity fee, Insurance, English-speaking guide
- Payment methodPaypal
- Cancellation policyfrom 7 days prior to activity day : 30%
from 3 days prior to activity day : 50%
1 day before the activity day : 70%
the activity day : 100%
misc.If you have any allergy, please let us know.
Schedule13 : 40Meet at JR Chino Station with guide
14 : 30Activity starts
The master will share all the secrets about soba.
15 : 15Brief guided visit to the machines used in milling etc.
15 : 30Let's make soba noodles
16 : 30Dinner time! - Now's the time to compare your soba and the master's
If you upgrade to full dinner, you will also be able to taste the master's delicious home-grown and home-made cooking such as soba gaki, tempura, miso hot pot etc.
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