Shinshu saws200 years of tradition narrated by the last living artisan

A craft forever intertwined with local culture and history

Pay a visit to Morozumi-san's workshop, the last stronghold of a disappearing craft. The craftsman will personally introduce you to the history of shinshu saws and the role this craft plays in perpetuating the local tradition of Onbashira festival. He will also give a demonstration of his technique, thus displaying the skills he acquired after years of practice. The visit will conclude with a hand on session where you can try sharpening saw teeth.

Unable to do any farming in the frosty winter months, some locals sapiently used the dry cold weather to start an unsurpassed craft of saw blacksmithing. Shinshu saws are made with the best-quality ironsand and each one is expertly crafted by the smiths to be well-balanced, sharp and hard-wearing.

〜 Why choose this activity 〜

This is an invaluable chance to meet the last representant of a traditional craft and see him in action. If you admire Japanese craftsmen, Morozumi-san's exceptional skills, together with his pride and commitment toward his work, will certainly strike a chord.

PeriodAll year  
7 days prior to the program date
CapacityMax. 6 people Min. 2 people
Price- 1 person4,000 JPY (tax excl.)
Free for children under 12
- Included in the price:Activity fee, Insurance, English-speaking guide
- Payment methodPaypal
- Cancellation policyfrom 7 days prior to activity day : 30%
from 3 days prior to activity day : 50%
1 day before the activity day : 70%
the activity day : 100%
Schedule8 : 30Meet at JR Chino Station with guide
9 : 00Activity starts
The craftsman will explain about the tradition of Shinshu saws and his own experience as a smith
9 : 35The nagi-gama and the connections to the local festival of Onbashira
10 : 00Guided visit to the workshop- The smith will demonstrate his technique
10 : 30Let's try sharpening the saw teeth!
11 : 00Explanation on the various types of saws
11 : 30Activity ends
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