Local gastronomy experienceDiscover the wisdom that lies in the food culture of a frozen land

Cook local traditional dishes with the village grannies

The locals' life follows the rhythm of nature, so the food culture varies with every season: the "culture of frost" in winter, wild vegetables picking in spring, farming in the summer and preserves in autumn. But in a frozen land winter is never far from mind and the locals strong with their ancestors' wisdom keep preparing for it all year. Find out more about the unique local ingredients and recipes while cooking and eating with our cute grannies. Enjoy the delicious rustic food of tradition.

In winter temperatures drop way below zero but snow rarely falls. It is a kingdom of frost. Yet the locals have found ways to turn even the cold into an ally. Here food is laid outside to freeze and dry, we call this preservation method "culture of frost". That's how we make kanten, frozen tofu etc.

〜 Why choose this activity? 〜

When traveling, eat like a local. If you agree, then this is the activity for you. No menu for tourists, you get to cook and taste authentic dishes deeply rooted in the unique climate and history of this area. Also, what better way to try a new cuisine than to learn from a local grannie.

PeriodAll year  
10 days prior the date of the activity
CapacityMax. 15 people Min. 2 people
Price- 1 person5,000 JPY (tax excl.)
Prices vary for children under 13
English-speaking guide available for 4,500 yen
- Payment methodPaypal
- Cancellation policyfrom 7 days prior to activity day : 30%
from 3 days prior to activity day : 50%
1 day before the activity day : 70%
the activity day : 100%
misc.If you have any allergy, please let us know.
Vegetarian and vegan options available.
Schedule9 : 30Meet at JR Chino Station with guide
10 : 00Activity starts
Our grannies will explain about the local culture and how it influences the food. They will also introduce today's menu and ingredients.
10 : 15Seasonal farming experience- Let's prepare our own ingredients!
(ex. March: miso making, Jul~Aug: summer vegetable picking etc.)
10 : 45Cooking time (3~4 dishes)
12 : 20Now's the time to take a sit at the table and eat together with the grannies
13 : 00Activity ends
Reservation E-mail us at

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