Chino Tabi has been awarded the "Shoku Kakeru Prize" -"Food X ... Prize"- in the "Shoku Kakeru Prize 2020" contest by the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan!

We are proud to announce we have been awarded a prize by the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan for one of our food-related experiences.

The prize’s name is “Food x …” -“Shoku Kakeru Prize”- where the … can stand for anything from history to technology. It’s part of a greater project to promote Japanese gastronomy worldwide called EAT! MEET! JAPAN! “Shoku Kakeru Project.”

Our winning package is an exciting itinerary to discover the Yamaura area and its “frosty” food tradition one bite after the other. Food x Local Wisdom!


If you can read Japanese, you can more details by clicking on the link below: