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Experience Japanese Sake with all your senses

"Masumi" Sake Brewery Visit (Currently Suspended)

Price: JPY4,000 Duration: 2H


A journey into the heart of the brewery to experience sake with all five senses

Together with an English-speaking guide, step into "Masumi" Sake Brewery early in the morning when the sake is in the making. You can see the sake artisans work their magic and observe the various phases of production. We want you to experience this iconic beverage using all your senses. Feel the change in temperatures, smell the fragrance of steamed rice and fermenting mash, listen to the fizzling sound of the microorganisms at work and, of course, taste the koji rice, rice flour, and if it's filtering day also the sake lees!
The tour will conclude with a tasting of different sake labels by Masumi.
*Please refrain from eating natto on the day of the tour.

Brewing fine sake since 1662

The Masumi Brewery was founded in 1662 in a region between the Japanese Alps and the Yatsugatake Mountains. Thanks to its closeness to the mountains, the area is rich in pure water which is the secret to the brewery's quality and taste. Masumi, in fact, is named for a national treasure called "the mirror of purity".
For 300 years the brewery has strived to brew the finest quality sake using only the purest ingredients, combining new techniques with tradition, and passing the knowledge acquired to the next generations.


One of Suwa's 8 sake breweries, Masumi is famous for its fragrance and elegant flavor.


Period Nov~Mar (Currently Suspended until further notice)
Due Date 5 days before the tour date
Duration 2H


Meeting at Masumi Shop


Guide visit inside the brewery





No. of participants Min. 2 person Max. 10 persons *Only adults 20 years old and above can participate in the tour
Price / person JPY 4,000/ person (tax excl.)
Included in the price Guide, Tasting, Small souvenir from Masumi
Payment method Paypal or Credit card
Cancellation policy 1 day before the tour (by 5pm JST) : 0% (Please contact us for processing your cancellation)
the day of the tour (or after 5pm 1 day before): 100%
10 min on foot from JR Kami-Suwa Station


The resevation of this year has ended.
If you are interested please contact us.

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